DXpedition to Wollaston (SA-031) and Diego Ramirez (SA-097)













               Local time in
           Puerto Williams


May 18 2011, 06.30 UTC:
All direct CE9 QSL requests received to date have been mailed!

Apr 28 2011, 01.10 UTC:
CE9 QSL cards have arrived today from the printer. Unfortunately, Cezar is leaving tomorrow on a business trip, which will lead for an additional delay in the mailing of the direct requests. While we are very grateful to all the IOTA chasers for their understanding, we apologize for this delay.

Apr 04 2011, 00.32 UTC:
QSL card have been shipped from IT9EJW Printing in Italy.

Mar 18 2011, 18.06 UTC:
QSL designs for SA-031 and SA-097 cards have been finalized and cards are now in print.

Feb 14 2011, 12.56 UTC:
Statistics added.

Feb 12 2011, 16.28 UTC:
Donors list updated.

Jan 30 2011, 09.28 UTC:
Logs are online

Jan 25 2011, 15.30 UTC:
"Cezar is at home."

Jan 24 2011, 12.30 UTC:
"Johan is at home."

Jan 22 2011, 20.13 UTC:
"They are in Punta Arenas. Tonight Johan flies to Santiago and Cezar is staying till tomorrow."

Jan 21 2011, 21.15 UTC
"They are in Puerto Williams"

Jan 20 2011, 22.30 UTC:
"They are anchor for 20 miles west of Port Williams"

Jan 19 2011, 11.14 UTC:
"They are going to Port Williams and then to Ushuaia. They are sailing between mountains in a bay, 30 miles west from Port Williams, arriving tomorrow. The phone connection is bad."

Jan 17 2011, 14.44 UTC:
"We have 3000 QSO's now at 1444z. We'll go QRT today at 1700z" (thanks Rick NE8Z/HC1MD)

Jan 17 2011, 04.12 UTC:
"We have now over 2200 QSOs and will continue to work throughout the night. We had problems with the birds picking on our antennae and with the very high tide, which brings the antenna anchors down and the water close to the tend. Had to move the anchors several times- We will most likely leave the island no later than 12 UTC today. The wind is changing now rapidly and our skipper insists to depart Diergo Ramirez.. We will provide you with some photos from the second operation after we arrive in Puerto Williams or Punta Arenas. 73, Cezar & Johan"

Jan 16 2011, 05.57 UTC:
"Very, very high static"

Jan 16 2011, 04.07 UTC:
"We would like to thank very much all those who expressed their appreciation for our efforts. We realize that despite these efforts some guys could not work us and are truly sorry for this. Unfortunately our time on SA-031 was limited and the propagation conditions were not the same world wide. We are here on Diego Ramirez, SA-097 and will operate tonight and tomorrow night continuously. Cezar, VE3LYC"

Jan 14 2011, 11.40 UTC:
Dear Mauri, QRT now at 1800 UTC 13 January with 4100 qso in the log. Will try to land on Diego Ramirez on Saturday 0600 UTC. Cheers, Johan and Cezar"

Jan 12 2011, 02.00 UTC:
"Hi Maury, 3000 QSO, will stay 24 hours more, waiting for weather improve for run to Diego. 73 Cezar and Johan"

Jan 10 2011, 20.05 UTC:
"Logged 1500 QSO in 24h, wind 80+, gusts and rainy.  20 SSB tonight, 17 and 20 SSB tomorrow, Tent is 4x5 feet. Cezar and Johan"

Jan 9 2011, 13.50 UTC:
"Strong winds prevented landing last night. Will land in 2 hours. Cezar and Johan"

Jan 8 2011, 17.14 UTC:

"Landing on SA-031 expected tonight. All ok. 73 Cezar"

Jan 7, 2011 00.20 UTC:
"We arrived in Punta Arenas safe and sound. Worth nothing, all our luggage arrived too! Jorge (CE8PTK) and Jose (CE8GWZ) welcomed us and we'll have dinner together. Despite the fact that we are a little tired after some long flights, we are both very excited. Upon arrival temp was 9C, cloudy, but no wind. 73 Cezar"

"Dec 23, 2010:
"Our skipper will be joined by an experienced crew (Sara) for increased safety with landing on Diego Ramirez. Since the sea bottom is deep near these islands and full of kelp, the plan is for one sailor to remain with the yacht at all times, just in case the anchor becomes loose, while the other sailor will take us to shore with the dinghy, one at a time. Generators, batteries, and other equipment components have been purchased on site."

Dec 20, 2010:
"Here is some general information about the weather and sea conditions expected during the DXpedition." click to read more

Nov 29, 2010:

"The team will have a wet landing on D. Ramirez, which cannot be attempted if the weather is bad. They will wear wet suits and now prepare all their equipment and personal effects in waterproof cases, which will be loaded into a sealed 200 L drum. Thomas will bring to shore one of them at a time, in a dinghy."

Nov 28, 2010:
"Cezar and Johan are scheduled to meet in Santiago and fly together from there to Punta Arenas on Jan 6, 2011, where they will overnight. They are expected to arrive in Puerto Williams on Jan 7, at 11:30 am."


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Cezar/VE3LYC and Johan/PA3EXX will attempt a very challenging expedition to Wollaston islands (SA-031) and Diego Ramirez islands (SA-097) between approximately January 7 and 22, 2011. In demand by 98% of IOTA chasers, SA-031 currently ranks #6 on the Most Wanted IOTA list World Wide and #1 in South America, whereas SA-097 has never been activated. The plan is to operate for 4 days from Herschel Is (SA-031) and Gonzalo Is. (SA-097). However, weather and sea conditions can influence significantly this schedule. The team has retained for this trip the services of Thomas, an experienced skipper, with his 40 ft yacht, well equiped for Antarctic waters.



Frequencies and modes:

Frequencies: 15, 17, 20, 30 and 40m depending on the propagation conditions.
Modes: CW and SSB


(1) We would like to urge all those who wish to contact us to read one more time the DX Code of Conduct as available on the FOC web site FOC website http://www.g4foc.org/, in March 2010 issue of QST and at www.g4ifb.com/html/dxing.html#PileupTips.
(2) Please refrain from having multiple QSOs, give others a chance!


This is not only a difficult but also a very expensive operation. Donations are sought from anyone who wishes to assist in defraying some of the project costs. Support can be sent to Cezar/VE3LYC by PayPal at tiberius.trifu(at)gmail.com or by mail. All contributions to this project will be acknowledged.


We wish to thank the Radio Club de Chile, in particular Dino/CE3PG and Alejandro/CE3JWF,  and the Radio Club de Punta Arenas, in particular Jorge/CE8PTK, for their strong and very enthusiastic support in obtaining the licenses, permits, and authorizations required for this project.

We would like to express our gratitude to our very good friend Pedro Giannini in Santiago for his invaluable assistance on various matters along this project.

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